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Hadoop In The Cloud

One of the core skills of JPyramid is to deploy cloud-based business applications for our clients.

We have extensive experience in transitioning Mission Critical Enterprise Data Warehouse to a Big Data Cloud Service to deliver substantial business benefit.
– Defining, configuring and installing the data processing flow for the Hadoop infrastructure in the MS-AZURE Cloud with DEV, TEST, PRE-PROD and PROD setup.
– Defining, configuring and installing the data processing flow from the on-premise Hadoop to Cloud Hadoop with encryption/decryption processes creating a Hybrid Cloud solution.

Each Cloud provider will give you several options for Hadoop deployment but we have chosen to build installations from scratch.

This gives us total control around the installation and configuration and it gives more flexibility to the clients to change their mind when needed.

Step 2 of the transition journey with our clients – Evolve to a dynamic architecture utilising Databricks to enable automated scale-out and scale-back to substantially reduce compute and storage costs.




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