AI to deliver a Billion Items Per Year > AI to deliver a Billion Items Per Year

AI to deliver a Billion Items Per Year

For leading logistic based organisation, it is now commercially essential to track in real-time,  the operations from point of sale to point of delivery and all stations between. At a leading UK FTSE-100 logistics company we were at the heart of the real time and AI driven system with the result of  regularly tracking the 75,000 IoT devices that drive the logistics operations with a particular focus on the management decisions that optimise and configure all manpower and transportation vehicles required to deliver over a billion items every year.
Salient features of the system are:-
1. Giving the exact physical location of each of the 75,000 IoT device at any given point of time within an accuracy of 1-2m.
2. Describing the mode of behaviour (stopped, driving  etc) with clear segmentation of the activity. This helped in optimising the physical route mappings and allocating respective resources at will to have efficient operations.
3. The visualisation helped in seeing the day to day activity of each device for any given day on global maps (similar to Google maps). This helped in physically locating a device and pin pointing its activity at that point of time.
4.  An AI driven decision modelling and execution capability that used real time data wrangling to both train, and then reinforce learning to deliver increased satisfaction to customers and to significantly reduce operational costs.

Key Attributes of the AI capability are:-

– Analytics at the edge to collect key breadcrumbs of a workforce on the move

–  Real-time and interactive communication with the customer showing progress

– AI models to give accurate prediction delivery time to minimise disruption to customers which were built to improve with continued capture of data.

Overall results delivered end-to-end logistics on to a single platform with an integrated real time data streaming capability that delivered a digitally transformational logistics capability that show-cased the very best in AI driven solutions.


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